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July 2016 - Interview with Capacity Europe at ITW

Orange International Carriers CEO, Pierre-Louis de Guillebon discusses trends in today’s wholesale industry and how Orange is positioned in the marketplace
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Mai 2016 - A new frontier with volte, cybersecurity and mobile

Pierre-Louis de Guillebon is the new face heading Orange’s International Carriers division. He speaks to Jason McGee-Abe about his wholesale strategic pillars and identifies the opportunities afoot for Orange and the industry
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March 2016 - Powering the digital transformation

Although Digital has been edging its way into our environment for the past 20 years it is now taking a strong foothold in every part of our world. By 2020 it is estimated that 25% of the world’s economy will be digital. It’s bringing ...
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March 2016 - The big promises of big data

Although over-hyped these days, the Internet of Things (IoT) will indisputably be the big technical and organisational movement of the coming years. Over 6 billion connected things will be in use worldwide in 2016. 5.5 million new ...
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February 2016 - Smart cities

Smart city talk has shifted from hot buzz to experimentation and planning. The city will be transformed from a traditional, silo-based model to a more collaborative, integrated service delivery model. A model that will see smart ...
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February 2016 - Data protection essential for the move to IoT

With the increase in number of connection comes the increased need for security.

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December 2015 - Orange participated at the Capacity Europe Event in Paris

Click below to watch the interview of Alexandre Pébereau on Capacity TV.

Leading the way as a trusted partner

September 2015 - Orange participated at the ACC event in The Philippines

Click below to read the interview with Orange International Carriers’ EVP, Alexandre Pébereau, on the evolving needs of international connectivity.

Above and beyond interconnection

November 2014 - Orange wins several awards at the Global Carrier Awards 2014
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ITW EXCLUSIVE - Global operators Orange, Ooredoo and Bharti Airtel form new alliance for collaboration
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Alexandre Pébereau’s blog for International Telecoms Week (ITW)
Find out what International Carriers’ Executive Director is saying about the hot topics and trends in the wholesale market.

Click below to read Alexandre Pébereau on the site of event organisers Capacity Media.

Mobile everywhere: the best is yet to come. How will the recent huge increase in mobile use affect carriers?

Next generation networks: bigger, faster, better – but how will they cope with demand?

The next BIG thing in mobile?

December 2013 - Orange and Myanma Posts & Telecommunications sign a roaming agreement connecting Myanmar's mobile telecoms network to the rest of the world
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November 2013 - Orange wins several awards at the Global Carrier Awards 2013
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May 2013 - Exclusive Statement from ITW 2013 Founders' Council Chairman
Alexandre Pébereau, Chairman, ITW Founders' Council issued the following statement at the conclusion of the 2013 ITW meeting
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May 2013 - Smart innovation, smart value
What does innovation bring to our industry, to our customers, to end-users today? Smart solutions to big challenges, better services, a world of data and content sharing that has become a fully-fledged feature in our daily lives!
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May 2013 - Smart innovation, smart value
What does innovation bring to our industry, to our customers, to end-users today? Smart solutions to big challenges, better services, a world of data and content sharing that has become a fully-fledged feature in our daily lives!
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April 2013 - Tackling fraud to protect our industry
The telecommunications ecosystem has been significantly reshaped over the past decade. It has welcomed new players. Many of them have brought new ideas and new opportunities to the arena. But fraudsters have also infiltrated this ecosystem. Fraud costs our industry over $40 billion every year. This is a significant gap in our revenue that needs to be tackled now!  
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March 2013 - Industry Transformation, the customer and the race
The transformation of our connected, digital economy has set a new pace in the race for value share in our fast-changing international wholesale market!Today's industry is growing and transforming at an extraordinary pace presenting us carriers with new challenges: declining voice traffic, lower prices and the explosion of internet usage among others.
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January 2013 - Orange wins "Large Carrier Billing" and "Voice Value" awards
A new recognition of Orange excellence at PTC 2013
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November 2012 - Orange is proud to be Best Global Wholesale Carrier
Orange was awarded the prestigious Best Global Wholesale Carrier by Capacity Media
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May 2012 - ITW founders statement on voice
The traditional voice market may be declining, but carriers continue to offer greater value than ever to the wider telecoms ecosystem as we move closer towards an IP based era.
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February 2012 - Orange statement on voice    
Conversation, and more specifically voice, is at the heart of communication in every part of the world. Voice activities continue to grow in volume, and remain our core business.
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January 2012 - The Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC)
PTC is an international community of members from more than 60 nations with a shared vision to promote the development and use of telecommunications and ICT to enhance people's life in the Pacific hemisphere.  
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October 2011 - interview with Alexandre Pébereau, EVP International Carriers, Orange at the Telecoms World Middle East in Dubai to talk about voice business and opportunities for all carriers.
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September 2011 - new European Express Network PoP in Warsaw
A new PoP is now officially connected the the European Express Network as from 21st September 2011.
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July 2011 - Cloud computing insights: expand your horizons
Cloud computing promises to revolutionize IT by delivering computing ressources securely over the network. How do business fond the cloud computing services that help them achieve their growth and profitability targets? Learn more about the important issues such as security, performance management as well as regulatory and legal aspects.
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July 2011 - interview with Alexandre Pébereau, EVP International Carriers, Orange
 Alexandre Pébereau, EVP for International Carriers at Orange, talks to Alex Hawkes Deputy Editor for Capacity Magazine at the recent ITW 2011 event in Washington D.C., about partnerships and how they've helped position the operator in the global wholesale market.
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June 2011 - International Airtime Hub: France Telecom-Orange new innovative solution
Live since 9th March, the International Airtime Hub is a new service developed by Orange wholesale activities  managed by International Carriers. This service is aimed at private individuals who want to top up their mobile   phone or one belonging to friends or family overseas and at mobile operators as a way to develop customer loyalty. Ludovic Le Neuder, who runs the Mobile Payment Unit of International Carriers explains...
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2. Big Data Big Future

Protecting data means success for the Big Data era.