IPX Transport

Our IPX Transport service is based on the following technical architecture:

  • Wholly owned IPX network running with MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) encapsulation and IPv6 enabled
  • Anti spoofing filtering on routing and traffic, segregation from the public Internet
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze commitments relying on End to end Class of service management extended on Inter Carrier agreements
  • APN resolution on redundant root DNS (Domain Name Servers)
  • Intra-region routing on local IPX peering point in Amsterdam (NL) , Singapore and Ashburn (USA)
  • GRX fallback for 2G & 3G Data roaming
  • VoLTE Roaming S8HR compliant

Multiservice IP eXchange on IPX Transport

Access the Orange multiservice IPX Cloud to leverage a set of wholesale services designed for Operators & OTTs including VoIP hubbing, MMS GeX, SS7, LTE Signaling and coming IMS interworking services.