Long Distance Ethernet

Cloud collaboration, unified communications, business applications and software-defined infrastructures lead to an increasing demand for  Ethernet services, particularly from corporate clients.

Our Long Distance Ethernet(LDE) solution helps serve your client needs for headquarters to date centers connectivity or for datacenters interconnect.

LDE is an International Ethernet Private Line (IEPL). It bridges client sites using transparent Ethernet circuits over MPLS backbone, with a huge degree of flexibility for operators.
Our Long Distance Ethernet solution is a scalable, plug-and-play and natively-protected solution.


  Scalable: you only pay for what you need

  • Bandwidth high granularity from 2Mbps to 1Gbps
  • Capacity increase possible without service interruption

  Plug-and-Play: simplicity, flexibility and fast delivery

  • Quick activation of new services with a 2 weeks delivery for a POP to POP connectivity
  • Technologies adapted to the corporate needs: transparency & simplicity of LAN interconnect

  Protected: for round-the-clock business continuity

  • Protection native to our MPLS backbone
  • Availability rate over 99.99% for Datacenters interconnect circuits
  • 2 class of Service available to ensure the priorization of your traffic

  An extended worldwilde coverage :

  • More than 45 PoPs worldwide, with a strong presence in main European Cities, in the US, In Singapore & Hong Kong, and in Africa ( South Africa, Abidjan & Amman)
  • Reach all customer sites in France, thanks to the French national extension of our international network
  • The possibility to complete our onnet backbone with partners all over the world