Mobile Security Solutions

SMS Control – SMS Fraud Detection tool

World leader in roaming signalling with over 20 years’ experience and the widest roaming coverage (over 1000 ITU and ANSI destinations), our SS7 offer meets mobile operators’ needs for quality, security and international coverage.

Our Mobile Security solutions protect your incoming international SMS traffic from spam and fraud attacks, thanks to the SMS Control solution (SS7 VAS) and the SMS Anti-fraud tool:

  • Supervise and analyse all international incoming SMS roaming and interworking traffic to protect in real time against any kind of SMS fraud (spoofing, faking, ..) and bypass
  • Allows to monetise grey routes traffic
  • Implement and manage in real time your own filtering rules, reporting and alerts
  • SMS Fraud Detection module helps you to detect any intrusive SMS fraud on your network by performing audits of the SMS routes  to identify any existing fraud, SIM Boxes or bypass on your network

 We provide you with the best service in:

  • Proactively analyse your international SMS traffic
  • Block fraudulent SMS in real time
  • Capture revenue from A2P traffic
  • Improve your customer experience
    • Increase customer loyalty
    • Prevention of billing conflicts
    • Protection of  image
    • Reputation
    • Added-value creation for end-users
  • Keep good relationships with your roaming partners (Save you from disputes with your roaming partners)