Be positive, be in the smart digital future!

#Be positive, be in the smart digital future!
The biggest revolution of our times is here to stay, for better or for worse.   The digital transformation that crosses all industry and societal boundaries is reshaping every facet of our daily lives today.  It is disruptive. It is ubiquitous. It has become a wake-up call for businesses to gear up and stay on the band wagon.  But the shake-up is positive and all for the better.

Re-imagining the future
AI, blockchain, chatbots, cyber-attacks, drones, IoT, 5G,  augmented and virtual reality, geo-localisation, 3D printing, algorithms, big data, fablabs… the essential components of the digital transformation are bringing chilling fears to some and stimulating creativity like we’ve never seen before. The opportunities and the potential to re-imagine the future are immense.

As Carriers, with our huge capacity for participating in building the future, we’ve been active in making the digital shift.  But are we doing it smartly? Are we looking beyond pure technology advancements? Are we seeking to connect the transformation with societal trends ? and the importance of the customer and human-centric dimension in a fast evolving virtual world? Are we looking to create value not only for the carrier business but also bring greater and predictable value to our customers?

Harnessing the opportunities of a brave new digital world
Smart exploitation of big data offers boundless possibilities to Carriers to gain even greater market and customer insights and predictions.  Customizing solutions and responding to multiple and changing customer needs is fundamental:  on demand networks, end-to-end digital value added solutions. AI is set to metamorphose the way we work with our customers and our partners. It is enabling powerful analytical solutions to combat cyber criminality. Security no longer a differentiator today, it’ a must have. Blockchain will serve as an underlying technology for new service development in the mobile money, digital asset transactions, smart city vertical applications.

And that’s not all.  We’re on the road to the 5G super connected IoT world that will speed up this new digital era with super wide band transmissions 1000 times faster than what we have today. Our challenge will be getting network softwarisation right, managing ultra-dense networks seamlessly for optimal efficiency and speed given the continuing exponential demand.

Positive impact Innovation for a smarter planet
We at Orange believe that digital innovation must be purposeful, it must be open, it must be positive. It’s about designing and reimagining experiences across all touchpoints with all of our stakeholders within the ecosystem. Carriers must work together to build a world where digital is a true opportunity for all, minimizing any negative impact for the betterment of society.

The winning carriers of the digital transformation will be those who weave the digital way into the organisation’s strategy, innovation and culture.  The digital journey will bring sharper competitiveness, a more streamlined and efficient way of working for Carriers and our customers, a faster time to market, fully tailored solutions for our customers. It’s time to move to the next frontier for a 360° digital future!

Emmanuel Rochas
CEO, International Carriers