On-demand solutions

On-demand solutions

On-demand solutions: managing connectivity services online

Today, companies around the world are increasingly using the cloud to host their IT applications and infrastructure. As a result, there is a growing demand for data connectivity and high quality services with flexible capacity needs.

IoT, Industry 4.0, autonomous cars, 5G and smart cities are fast becoming a reality. Over the next few years providing automation and flexibility in connectivity management will become a must to respond to ever-evolving end-users’ expectations. To rise to the challenge, wholesale operators have begun to offer online connectivity services with real-time delivery capabilities made possible by new SDN (Software Defined Network) and NFV (Network Function Virtualization) technologies. These new services are available online and access has been designed to ensure simplicity and a seamless experience. With a high degree of autonomy and a phenomenal reduction in the processing time going from several weeks to close to real-time delivery the wholesale operator is gaining hugely in terms of speed and efficiency.

Agile and flexible solutions respond to these significant shifts and whole new needs in a global and fast-moving digital ecosystem. Wholesale operators can now manage a diversity of services online from ordering, upgrading, downgrading to cancelling their order to feasibility studies. They benefit from accessing customized services as bundled deals as the network becomes more programmable to respond to their needs.

Redefining the connected customer journey

The optimal connected customer journey is what every service provider aspires to bring to its end-user today. The consumer prefers for the journey that’s short, smooth and fast across all touchpoints. But is the service provider seeking to map out every step of the end user digital journey to make sure that what they are offering is seamlessly connected and relevant to evolving needs?

On the wholesale market today on-demand solutions are a priority for operators who want to stay ahead of the pack.  These solutions are aimed at meeting end-users’ ever-evolving needs: speed, flexibility, online self-management, real-time delivery. Ethernet Now, an on-demand solution, and Open Transit Internet, a flexible solution, bring a whole new digital experience to Orange International Carriers’ customers connected journey.

Order IP Transit connectivity online? Yes you can!

With the rise and rise in global data consumption IP Transit traffic is catapulting. Orange International Carriers has come up with a game-changing solution to help Content and Internet Service providers to gain competitive edge by making possible to order IP Transit connectivity online.

This new flexible solution gives customers the option of ordering a new IP Transit connectivity or upgrade an existing one with full autonomy on a simple and short digital journey.

Ethernet Now: real time delivery

Ethernet Now is an innovative on-demand solution based on SDN technology which enables customers to obtain online point-to-point Ethernet circuits between two sites around the world. Delivery is done in less than one minute!

Customers pay only for what they need. The new Full Flexible option allows to order services on a daily basis without long term commitment.

Redefining the connected customer journey is about responding to on-demand needs with simplicity, speed and peace of mind!