Orange service pledge

Orange service pledge: at the centre of the digital experience

Etienne Bauche

Now it is more about ensuring resiliency, guaranty of diversity and the availability that comes with it. We are now also seeing an increase demand for end-toend connectivity.

Etienne Bauche

The digital customer expectation evolution

One of the key impacts of the digital transformation is the revolution of the customersupplier relationship. How do you see this relationship evolving?

The global trend towards digital interactions and the move towards B2B-type exchanges in non-voice wholesale, is finally transforming the way services are offered. Now it is all about facilitating a real-time online experience. Customers want to place, track, provision their orders and be invoiced online. This type of customer interaction is getting closer to what we find in both the B2B and B2C space, which is very positive.

We are starting to see similar digitalization attempts in the voice business, as most people agree that we need to deliver voice in a simpler, more automated and standardized manner, all the way to the settlement. I am hoping blockchain will play a part in making this a reality.

How are the expectations around Quality of Experience evolving?

I think that Quality of Experience delivery overall is a topic that is growing in importance in the wholesale business. Partly because we are moving away from traditional wholesale solutions, closer to a B2B service portfolio, such as delivering resilient data links and security over the network. These fast-growing services come with additional expectations around quality of service. Now it is more about ensuring resiliency, guaranty of diversity and the availability that comes with it. We are now also seeing an increase demand for end-to-end connectivity.

Additionally, our customers’ customers are becoming more demanding. Gamers for example want Internet with low latency, not just access to the Internet – that is not good enough. So, wholesalers must adjust to this new Quality of Experience reality.

The Orange customer pledge

Orange has a reputation of delivering high quality customer experience. How do you make sure this continues in today’s digital world?

We have decided to create a customer pledge, to describe our commitment towards delivering Quality of Experience. It was developed in response to surveys and focus groups during which our customers shared what was important to them when it came to quality of experience.

This pledge focuses on delivering on four key customer expectations: service delivery, customer care, service management and finally billing.

For example, Orange delivers its services on time 92% of the time. Our service delivery pledge is to exceed that whenever possible.

We also pledge to allocate a pair of contract managers to each customer, so that we don’t only offer redundancy on the network, but also when it comes to customer support. On the billing side for example, we aim to reply to a dispute requests within 48 hours. It does not necessarily mean that the dispute will be resolved within that time, but at least our dispute managers will get the process going rapidly. These are only a few examples of what we commit to in the pledge.

It is important to note that this is a dynamic pledge, as we keep asking our customers what is important to them so we can continue evolving our performance. We are therefore already working on our Pledge 2020, which will incorporate new features.

It will be important to keep challenging ourselves to raise the bar and improve quality for everyone. Not only for carriers and operators, but most importantly, for all end-users. Creating this type of momentum in this industry is also what our pledge is about.

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