The AI future’s here, let’s seize augmented opportunities

What will our future look like?  Who are the next heroes that will build it? Will AI augment human intelligence to make us better versions of ourselves?  Will robots outwit humans? Are we entering the era of the humanoids? Just a few examples of questions raised regularly about AI. But without us realising it AI is not new, nor is it sci-fi, nor futuristic!  The Deep Blue computer beat the world’s chess champion Garry Kasparov in a six-game match in the late 1990s.  Since the early 2000s we’re using the google search engine, real-time online translation, customized playlists, we have car availability close to where we’re located.  All AI-based! Not to mention the proliferation of chat bots, the robots that have advanced conversational aptitudes providing anything from the weather forecast to customer support.  

A revolution that’s taking off

AI is about to revolutionize multiple sectors. It’s creating new solutions to respond to new challenges in the areas of health, agriculture, the environment, energy, aerospace, education, eco-mobility, cybersecurity and also creating immense opportunities. The number of deep tech start-ups is multiplying since 2011. VC investors are becoming increasingly interested in the new centre of gravity pouring billions of dollars in funding into AI-related start-ups. MIT is launching an ambitious programme, MIT IQ. Why? to understand human intelligence and to apply that knowledge to develop intelligent machines.

 The AI future is also in networks

Carriers also need to be fully on the bandwagon to get on pace in the race towards our AI future. For example, in the cybersecurity domain, AI can improve the effectiveness of security analytics and threat intelligence. Foreseeably, automation of these processes will free up staff to concentrate on major threats by real threat actors, instead of concentrating on minor issues. Also, development of on-demand networks, tailored to specific needs, can provide customers with the best customer experience and new business opportunities: digital online access, instant deployment, high network customization, try & buy experience pay per use pricing, resilient services. And these developments reflect societal trends in terms of consumption. Customers become users more than buyers with increasing green selection criteria. Where are we heading? From a multiple network-centric ecosystem to a single cloud-based ecosystem.

AI, the good, the bad and the agile

But AI will also be at the centre of a battleground. AI will be a force to respond to and anticipate cyberattacks, augmenting cybersecurity to enable better protection against skilful cyberattacks. AI is already enabling behaviour analytics to make better predictions. But the nasty yet sharp hackers are onto AI too. Carriers must be highly agile and through investment in AI technologies remain key players in providing innovative solutions to combat these threats

AI is on top of the hype cycle of fast rising technologies, the big players are investing big bucks in what will quickly shape up as the technology playground of the future. AI will create disruption but the benefits will be great all round!

Pierre-Louis de Guillebon
CEO, Orange International Carriers