The growing Orange CDN presence in Africa: Focus on Nigerian and South African markets

Ensure the best user streaming experience for your customers!
The growing Orange CDN presence in Africa with a special focus on Nigerian and South African markets

Jean-Bernard WILLEM
Senior Vice President Product Marketing and Development

Nigeria and South Africa are the biggest content producers in the continent. Nigeria boasts the second largest cinema industries in the world with Nollywood, right after Bollywood in India. This content is increasingly available via OTT streaming, mainly through mobile apps but also through set top boxes or connected TVs. Therefore Content owners need robust, local IP delivery infrastructures to ensure the best user experience for their customers.  Moreover, Nigeria and South Africa are both fast growing markets for IP Transit and have very dynamic Internet Exchange Points.

Orange continues to extend its CDN presence in Africa with new Content PoPs in Nigeria and South Africa to become the main CDN provider on the continent

Orange is one of the main providers of international IP connectivity in Africa, and reaches Internet Service Providers in these markets through its IP Transit offer, Open Transit Internet. Our ability to reach Internet Service Providers through OTI is a key differentiator for high Quality of Service content delivery. Moreover, Orange can deliver CDN content to all ISPs connected to OTI POPs in these locations, not just the local ones (eg: Orange affiliates Orange Madagascar).

These new Content POPs are a valuable addition to the current CDN footprint which already gives a good coverage for French-speaking content providers in countries like Ivory Coast and Democratic Republic of Congo. Through this extension Orange also aims to address the needs of English-speaking content providers by offering the most Content Delivery points of presence in Africa.

Bringing more benefits to more Content Providers with Orange Media Delivery Boost solution

Media Delivery Boost is the Orange CDN solution that guarantees low-latency content delivery in major countries in Africa and the Middle East. It is particularly well-suited to the delivery of video, live or on-demand and can also cater for a wide variety of uses: music streaming, file download, software updates…

Orange is committed to developing the emergence of local as well as international content in Africa through its CDN. Through our Orange affiliates alone, this content can reach over 120 million consumers in Africa instantly!

Media Delivery Boost is already available in the following countries:

Lowering prices when content volumes delivered grows, delivering content with high service quality

Media Delivery Boost has a simple, usage-based billing model that offers lower prices when the volume of delivered content grows. New CPOPs are available, therefore, at no additional cost to our existing customers and Orange still delivers its “one contract, one point of contact” for billing.

Media Delivery Boost also includes a comprehensive customer portal that enables real-time monitoring of CDN performance as well as various self-service management features.