Voice Corridors: happy customers, happy operators

Voice Corridors: happy customers, happy operators

Today’s world is multicultural as more and more people choose to experience living abroad. But home country is where family and friends are, and ethnic diasporas like to keep in touch.
To respond to a growing need for a good quality call at an accessible price for the mobile customers and stimulate revenues on the voice market for operators, Orange IC launched Voice Corridor Offer.

In a nutshell, Corridor is a new offer that allows operators to launch bundles for their customers to enable them to make calls from one country to another one at very attractive prices.

What’s inside Corridors?

The voice market is eroding worldwide for all players in the ecosystem with the development of mobile Apps for audio and video calls as a result of the mobile data usage growth. The connection of the call via mobile data is very often unstable whereas the traditional call through mobile VoIP offers a good quality connection.

This is where the market opportunity comes in. Instead of invoicing customers per minute, Corridor Offer allows the providing operator to create a preferential rate pack for its customers.

This special bundle is made possible through an agreement between the providing operator, Orange IC, for the transit of the traffic, and the receiver of the calls. It is based on a set volume rather than a unit.

Quick & easy set-up

It’s a collaborative approach between 3 key players: the network of origin; the destination network and Orange IC in the middle. The set-up is quick and easy.
Orange IC manages the legal and regulatory aspects of the offer, studies the technical feasibility and implementation and deals with the home local and database portability access.

Corridor offer, creating win-win for all

The retail customer gains by having more regular and good quality connections with family and friends at home with a reduced and attractive offer.

The Corridor offer enables operators to retain customers on Mobile VoIP securing continued revenues on the retail market. By making the offer better known through marketing campaigns, it helps operators to retain and boost market share and it generates brand loyalty.

For the destination operator, the benefits are revenue increases and additional customer gains through new subscriptions.