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Broaden your Roaming across the World

Wi-Fi Roaming, a 360° connectivity for a changing Mobile world.
Provide your customers with an outstanding roam like home experience in a carrier grade mode onto trusted Wifi partners all over the world. Simplify and secure the log-in procedures with the best Quality of Service.

Roaming Sponsor provides your customers with the best Roaming Quality at a competitive pricing.
This Roaming Out solution – based on the multi-IMSI technology – allows you to get a worldwide roaming coverage and to use the roaming agreement that suits you best by activating the IMSI you prefer in each country.

Roaming Global eXchange is a complete solution to help you move forward from a bilateral to a multilateral roaming model with a simple connection.
Reach multiple partners faster and expand your coverage by accessing to all technologies

Secure your Voice & Mobile traffic

Voice By-pass detection, a set of advanced technologies for by-pass protection including services based on test calls, machine learning and SIM Box location.
You can perform permanent or discreet randomised anti-fraud campaigns, and manage alerts for automatic cut or manual treatment.
The try-then-buy principle allows you to measure the quality of the solution.

Orange Platinum offer, designed for Retailers, brings you the best in voice services with 100% use of bilateral and platinum providers.
You get the highest levels of quality (CLI reception warranty) and an advanced anti-fraud system towards valuable destinations to protect the end-users from fraud attacks.
The high prioritisation of the management of trouble tickets guarantees you a better quality of service.

Outsourcing Voice solutions, customised according to your needs, may simplify your voice daily business management.
Building on our full expertise and market voice leader experience, Orange can handle 100% of your  retail traffic
In a competitive and struggling market, Orange may provide a global approach of services (such as traffic management, fraud fight, origin based routing management etc..) and warrant you  a locked revenue.

SMS Protect secures your network against Fraud and Bypass.
You will monetise all your SMS traffic and increase your A2P revenue without CAPEX investment.
A firewall hosted on your network, and bundled with Orange International Carriers A2P hub, will cover the national and international SS7 and SMPP traffic. The offer is regulatory compliant.

Signalling Detect and Protect defends your end-users privacy.
With a centralised platform to block signalling frauds and attacks, maximise the Quality of Service, with no CAPEX investment. You can configure and manage it autonomously.
Your international signalling traffic is analysed and protected against the fraud categories as defined by GSMA. The offer is available for SS7 (Diameter to follow in H2 2019).

Extend your 4G Coverage

LTE Signalling & IPX Transport helps you to extend and accelerate your 4G coverage abroad: you can benefit from Orange as a Tier 1 Carrier, with more than 220 PoPs worldwide.
Our IPX Transport, a premium IP connectivity, carries all types of traffic through the IPX network to relevant IPX platforms (SS7, Diameter, VoIP, IMS services, including VoLTE, data roaming). Orange fully owns & monitors its MPLS IPX network. It is fully secured, redundant and segregated from public internet.
With our LTE Signalling you offer 4G Roaming experience to your end users by routing Diameter messages over our MPLS network.

Orange was honoured at the carrier industry’s most prestigious awards:

The Global Carrier Awards :

  • Best Global Wholesale Carrier for Voice
  • Best Anti-Fraud Innovation

Atlantic-ACM Awards :

  • Large Service Provider Awards for Brand and Voice Value

We thank you warmly for your trust and continued support.

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