WAS#8 2018

WAS#8 alt orange international carriers

Dear partner,

Orange is participating in the upcoming WAS #8 in Rovinj (Croatia). Our Orange team will be pleased to discuss with you about our range of innovative solutions, listed below.

Together we will find the right solutions for you!

LTE Signalling and IPX Transport
Extend your LTE promises abroad, speed up your LTE coverage and manage your roaming data explosion in full IP transition with our LTE Signalling and IPX-Transports offers.

  • IPX Transport is a premium IP connectivity to carry all your traffic type, through Orange IPX network up to the relevant IPX platforms (SS7, Diameter, VoIP, IMS services including Volte, Internet, etc.)
  • Tier 1 IPX Carrier, worldwide reach (+220 PoPs)
  • LTE Signalling provides numerous functionalities and routes Diameter messages through a secure MPLS network, isolated from public internet
  • Provide a “hosted” Diameter Edge Agent solution as well

Signalling Detect and Protect
Protect your end-users from signalling vulnerabilities with a complete solution to prevent signalling frauds and attacks.

A centralised firewall platform to protect your network and to maximize quality as a key differentiator.
Your international signalling traffic is analysed and protected against the fraud categories as defined by GSMA.

  • SS7 (Sigtran and TDM) and Diameter (available end of 2018)
  • Administration done by yourself
  • No CAPEX investment

Wifi Roaming
You need 360° connectivity for a changing Mobile world?
With the Orange Wifi Roaming solution you:

  • Provide your customers with an outstanding roam like home experience
  • Reduce high international roaming charges, simplify and secure the log-in procedures with the best quality

Roaming Sponsor
Benefit from a turnkey Roaming Out solution with high quality worldwide coverage: save money and gain time, no need to negotiate numerous bilateral roaming agreements with partners.

  • Transparent solution for end-users and visited networks
  • You decide where your customers should roam either using your IMSI or the Orange IMSI
  • No steering policy side-effects
  • More than 200 destinations in the world for Voice, Data and SMS covering 2G/3G/4G LTE and Camel technologies

SMS Protect
Secure your network against Fraud and Bypass to monetise all your SMS traffic and increase your A2P revenue

A hosted firewall on your network, bundled with Orange International Carriers A2P hub solution will cover:

  • SS7 and SMPP traffic
  • International and Domestic traffic
  • Multi-carrier availability