Wi-Fi Roaming: Opening borders between Wi-Fi and Mobile, for smarter connectivity

Opening borders between Wi-Fi and Mobile, for smarter connectivity

In a thriving data-driven world, mobile end users need high-speed, high-quality Internet connectivity. They are clearly showing a preference for Wi-Fi over the more costly cellular networks. Wi-Fi carries more than 50% of all mobile data today.*

Our ‘always-connected’ mode customers continue to seek services that provide low-cost data access when roaming anywhere around the world. To satisfy and to anticipate the continued rise for data-hungry users, Orange has been forming partnerships with leading international standard technology providers to offer a seamless end-to-end quality roaming experience to customers.

* World Broadband Alliance

Forward-looking services to transform the user experience

The convergence between 3G/4G and Wi-Fi is creating new opportunities in the global mobile ecosystem, transforming the user experience across the globe for the better.

Wi-Fi Roaming is a recently launched service by Orange, in collaboration with international partners, that proposes carrier-grade roaming onto trusted Wi-Fi networks to Mobile Network Operators.  This convergent solution enables mobile operators to extend their coverage and customer base.  Wi-Fi Roaming provides a reliable, simple and secure signaling service that can be used anywhere, land, sea, air. It’s a first a unique solution in the world since Orange is the only player to combine Wi-Fi roaming with cellular through IPX.

How does it work? Through simple connectivity to the Orange IPX solution that manages the convergence between Wi-Fi and mobile to achieve the best network quality. The end user gets the same quality experience in Wi-Fi roaming as they have with cellular.  This means that they are able to connect with their SIM card authentication. The traffic data is routed to the home network with the goal of proposing an experience just like at home.

The underlying technology is hidden for the user whatever the device and wherever the location to make it as easy as possible to use.

Co-building innovative solutions

As part of its continuous innovation strategy, Orange opts to co-develop solutions with best-in-class international standard technology partners.  This collaborative approach enables Orange to develop and deploy carrier-grade Wi-Fi Roaming services and leverage its powerful IPX network to support this new roaming service.

Wi-Fi Roaming solution is available worldwide, thanks to the wide Orange Global eXchange and IPX Roaming footprint, including peering agreements with major partners to offer A to Z coverage.

Even with the forthcoming arrival of 5G there is still a big market for Wi-Fi connectivity!