Orange International Carriers launches innovative Wi-Fi Roaming offer for mobile services

Orange International Carriers has launched its Carrier Grade Wi-Fi Roaming service that provides a carrier grade roaming solution, offering a Wifi footprint with managed access, session control, core network integration and a flexible billing model. Through its launch, Orange International Carriers is providing a real end to end home-routed Wifi data roaming to a substantial list of innovative services available on its IPX backbone.

Orange Wi-Fi Roaming offers a unique, seamless roaming experience using trusted Wifi networks. With Wifi data roaming, for example, mobile carriers can ensure that data traffic continues uninterrupted as the subscriber moves between mobile and Wifi coverage with same level of security and quality of services.

Huge rises in the use of data by applications and the ‘always-connected’ attitude of customers mean that carriers seek services that provide best connectivity data access when roaming, on land, in the air or at sea. This end-to-end home routing solution duplicates 3G and 4G architectures to bring end-users the same roaming experience and identical quality of service they would enjoy in their home country.

Wi-Fi Roaming is increasingly important to carriers who are looking to improve and connect mobile devices over different wireless technologies in cost-effective, innovative ways. The use of Wifi technology enables Orange International Carriers to satisfy these demands with a carrier grade service on a global Wifi footprint.

Orange has already partnered with Accuris Networks, Affirmed Networks and Syniverse on the development and deployment of the Carrier Grade Wi-Fi Roaming service and will leverage its outstanding IPX network to support this new roaming service.

In this age of convergence when carriers are preparing to deploy new 5G services, Orange Wi-Fi Roaming offers a stepping-stone into the future of Mobile services.



Jean-Bernard Willem
Senior Vice President
Product Marketing and Development
Orange International Carriers