Open Transit Internet

Benefit from a connection to a AS5511, Orange Tier 1 IP transit Network available globally

Global Internet Connectivity

Open Transit Internet (OTI) is the Orange IP Transit service designed to bring customers a top performing internet service available globally. Our mission is to connect Internet Service Providers and Content Providers to our high quality IP network so that end users can benefit from the best possible digital experience.

Our IP Transit PoP (Point of presence)

Our solutions benefit from our fully secured and fully redundant international IP backbone network and a strong presence in core locations across the world.

OTI is an highly meshed IP Transit Network

Customer can connect from more than 150 Data Centers in Europe, USA, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

We are continuously evolving to get closer to our customers with new PoPs in Europe and US and the extension of our presence in Africa and the Middle East.

OTI improves connectivity in Africa


Our last deployment improves Internet connectivity in Africa with IP Transit POP in Abidjan, Lagos, Johannesburg, Cape Town and soon Accra.


Read our paper on deployment in Nigeria

Read our paper on Djoliba network in Africa

Download our IP transit PoPs list :

Access to All Internet Routes

Orange 5511 creates traffic between more than 200 Customers, Content Providers and Internet Services and has peering relations with the biggest tier 1 IP transit suppliers.

If you are a content provider

A gaming company, a CDN supplier, a video content distributor, a social media network, a hosting or cloud company:

  • Improve your customer experience with more than 160 ISPs connected to OTI
  • Benefit from the Orange retail presence with 28 Orange affiliates in Europe, Africa and Middle East.

If you are an ISP

Telecommunication company, broadband or mobile operator in a retail or entreprise market, a wholesaler or an entreprise.

  • Direct routes to main Content Providers and Cloud Connectivity
  • Reach all IP routes thanks to a connection to a Tier 1 network
  • Increase your customers satisfaction and loyalty with Orange’s high capacity and low latency Internet service
  • Protect your international transit, national traffic broadband customers with DDoS protection

Agility and flexibility

Easy to connect

IP Transit PoP are almost all in neutral data centers. 5511 is also reachable through some Internet Exchange Points around the world.
5511 IP transit network is an high bandwidth network, scalable to answer your need.


  • Ethernet 10G and 100G ports or SDH capabilities in some locations
  • Possible to apply service rate on port for more flexibility.

IP Routing

  • IPV4, IPV6, full routing table
  • Orange has defined BGP Communities to optimize routing.

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Access options:

Flexible billing solutions

Flat rate and burstable depending on your needs and location


Orange is committed on High Level of quality of service based on availability, Latency, Packet Loss.

Get a quote

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Order online

You can order OTI connectivity easily and autonomously from the IC Customer Portal depending on you request.

Customer Portal

As a OTI customer, you’ll have an access to Orange International Carrier Customer Portal, that give you access to:

  • traffic reporting, KPI backbone monitoring
  • Internet Registering Status (Check Registering of your ASN and Prefixes on the main Internet Registering Organisation : RIPE, ARIN)
  • Incident Ticket opening
  • Invoices…


DDOS Protection

We protect your international transit and national broadband traffic customers against DDoS Attacks, thanks to the OTI cleaning platform with B2B resale option, along with other security products for data services.


In order to make Internet more secure and Robust, Orange is part of MANRS.

MANRS is is a global initiative, supported by the Internet Society, that provides crucial fixes to reduce the most common routing threats.

Open Transit Peering Policy

  • Orange operates an IP network identified with the Autonomous System Number 5511 (AS5511).
  • This Peering Policy describes the guidelines used by Orange to evaluate requests made by prospective Peers, and to govern Orange relationship with the Peers exchanging IP traffic with Open Transit on a settlement-free basis.