Open Transit Internet

With a seamless and highly secure backbone, high quality commitments and a strong presence on the major Internet exchange points worldwide, we can provide you two different commercial offers to satisfy you needs.

OTI Pure Speed

Wholesale Internet connectivity flagship product. Dedicated to carriers, ISPs and research networks, this offer is based on our fully owned International IP backbone covering the world with high capacities and traffic policing possibilities. It is designed to adapt to each IP player’s needs.

OTI Content

Tailor-made system for content providers (including content delivery networks, pure content providers, hosters, streamers) needing international Internet connectivity, delivering top quality content and providing maximum proximity to the highest number of Internet end users.

OTI DDoS Protection (opens in a new window)

A proactive protection of your IP transit against DDoS attacks thanks to OTI DDoS cleaning platform.
We offer high value option that differentiates our offer from competition (automatic mitigation, possibility to sell this service to your enterprise customers

Open Transit Peering Policy

Orange operates an IP network identified with the Autonomous System Number 5511 (AS5511) and called “Open Transit”.

This Peering Policy describes the guidelines used by Orange to evaluate requests made by prospective Peers, and to govern Orange relationship with the Peers exchanging IP traffic with Open Transit on a settlement-free basis.