Open Transit Internet


Open Transit Internet (OTI) is the Orange IP Transit service designed to bring customers a top performing internet service available globally. Our mission is to connect Internet Service Providers and Content Providers to our high quality IP network so that end users can benefit from the best possible digital experience.
Our solutions benefit from our fully Orange-owned and secured international backbone network and a strong presence in core locations across four continents. We are continuously evolving to get closer to our customers with entry points in Europe and the extension of our presence in Africa and the Middle East with new PoP’s.

Value Proposition

Orange is an experienced player in the delivery of global data and bandwidth services and we are facilitating customers’ digital transformation as well as providing reliability and security.
We are continually working to develop the quality of our worldwide network with high capacities and traffic policing to meet the needs of sustained traffic growth.
We protect your international transit and national broadband traffic customers against DDoS Attacks, thanks to the OTI cleaning platform with B2B resale option, along with other security products for data services.


A connectivity solution to support your business
if you are a content provider

  • Maximize your audience with 37 M broadband customers and 610 M mobile customers within the Orange footprint
  • Improve your customer experience with more than 120 ISPs connected to OTI
  • Benefit from the Orange retail presence with 28 Orange affiliates in Europe, Africa and Middle East

If you are an ISP

  • Direct reach to main Content Providers
  • Reach a maximum of IP routes with Orange’s Tier 1 status
  • Increase your customers satisfaction and loyalty with Orange’s high capacity and low latency Internet service
  • Protect your international transit, national traffic broadband customers with DDoS protection

Open Transit Peering Policy

Orange operates an IP network identified with the Autonomous System Number 5511 (AS5511) and called “Open Transit”.

This Peering Policy describes the guidelines used by Orange to evaluate requests made by prospective Peers, and to govern Orange relationship with the Peers exchanging IP traffic with Open Transit on a settlement-free basis.