Orange International Carriers brings its customers a true digital experience and makes technology accessible to everyone.

We adopt a proactive approach to protecting our customers and our employees while supporting our business development,
offering a network of global connectivity via 40 submarine cables stretching 450,000km.

Orange is actively involved in the deployment of smart connectivity to support today’s fast-moving, telecoms landscape.

With a comprehensive portfolio of innovative and flexible solutions for retailers, wholesalers and OTTs worldwide, Orange International Carriers is a global solution-provider for services in Security, Data, Mobile and Voice.

Orange has long-standing mobile experience providing network solutions to more than 200 mobile operators around the globe.

At Orange, we are proud to be a recognised industry leader in the voice market, offering reliable and secure services for voice.

Orange is an experienced player in the delivery of global data and bandwidth services. We are facilitating customers’ digital transformation as well as providing reliability and security.

Security is top priority for all providers in today’s telecoms market, and Orange is at the forefront of the industry.Our innovative anti-fraud solutions are tailor made to protect your revenues.