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Meet Laurent Di Pietro, our product manager and discover our Content Delivery Network.
Meet Etienne Bauche, our Head of Customer Services and Sales Operations and discover Our Service Pledge.
Meet Sonia Missul, our IP Transit Product Manager and discover our IP Transit solution.
Meet Alexandra Tokatlian, our Voice Marketing Manager and discover our Customer Portal
Meet CĂ©line Kaya, our Voice Product Manager and discover our Voice Corridors solution.

Meet Guillaume Petillat, our Head of Digital Customer Experience and discover our Customer Portal.

Meet Sandrine Dutertre, our Messaging Security product manager and discover our SMS Protect solution.

Our product manager for Bandwidth and Submarine Cables, Edouard de Goussencourt, learn more about our new submarinecable from French Guiana to Martinique in service since January 2019.

Our product manager for bandwidth and submarinecables, Edouard de Goussencourt, explains how the new Dunant cable will do just that.

Our product manager for content delivery networks, Laurent Di Pietro, explains how it works and the benefits to the user experience.

Our Internet Security Manager, Pierre Smith, explains why internet providers are obvious targets and what Orange International Carriers does to protect customers.

Our Product Manager Juliette Morel talks about Ethernet Now and discusses the benefits of this customer-oriented connectivity ordering solution.

Our Roaming Product Manager Samuel Keurmeur tells you about the latest Wifi Roaming offer, to improve their customer journey with services that are, simple, secure and reliable.

Our Hubbing Product Manager Alban Gillot tells you everything there is to know about this high-end offer specially designed for retailers.

Our Product Manager Tanit Provost in charge of IPX services talk about Signalling, Voice and Data Roaming.

Laurent Di Pietro, our CDN Product Manager talk about Signalling, Voice and Data Roaming.

Meet Beatrice Marcelin, our head of IP and ContentMarketing Team, as she discusses about our global IPtransit strategy.

Our Product Manager Sandrine Dutertre tells you how to secure your A2P SMS traffic.