USB Malware Cleaner

The context

Today the statistics about the worldwide threat landscape are very alarming: 400 million known malware instances with a daily increase of 400k.

Even today, about 30% of infections of an operating system are propagated by a USB key or other removable media, introduced voluntarily by users. Similarly, 70% of the people who will find a USB stick, will not hesitate to connect it to their professional or personal computer without prior precautions.

It is in this context that Orange International Carrier markets the USB Malware Cleaner solution developed for several years by Orange, a solution capable of performing health analyzes of removable devices through a unique combination of different antivirus engine solutions, in order to effectively assist our customers in the fight against this type of threat.


The USB Malware Cleaner offer of Orange International Carriers

Because removable devices remain one of the main infection vectors of companies’ information system, Orange has designed and developed USB Malware Cleaner your real airlock for decontaminating removable USB devices (sticks, hard disks)…

Available as a software to install, USB Malware Cleaner addresses your two major concerns:

  • Protect your sensitive infrastructure
  • Make your employees aware

In order to ensure the widest possible detection, it analyses USB devices in parallel with 6 complementary anti-viruses, thus considerably increasing detection coverage.

[1] Source: Ponemon Institute

Use cases

The major use cases are:

  • Company Internal use case

By installing several units (in conference rooms for example) the client ensures that each use of a USB-type device is preceded by a complete health analysis of it.

  • Regulatory use case

For companies commercializing products or solutions that require a delivery of documentations, specifications, etc. thru USB devices, the USB Malware Cleaner provides the insurance that such removable device is threat-free.

How it works

After an initial setup, the USB Malware Cleaner unit is ready for use by end users who just have to insert their removable device and launch the scan. It returns a comprehensive report and a threat-free device

Orange international carriers ic cybersecurity USB malware cleaner removable cyberdefense

The use of such service creates a security awareness at all levels throughout your business.


Result of research and development of its Orange CERT, USB Malware Cleaner technology proposes several benefits:

  • An ergonomic, simple and intuitive interface for any user, available in English and French
  • Advanced antivirus scanning capabilities of removable devices (USB stick, external hard drive …) implementing 6 complementary antiviral engines specifically selected by the Orange CERT
  • The ability to scan all or part of a device’s partitions and up to 4 devices in parallel
  • The ability to quarantine detected threats, and eradicate them from the user’s device
  • A report at each end of analysis downloadable by the user on the device and exportable to a central location
  • A continuously updated hardened system – including the continuous updates of the antivirus databases
  • A development based on feedback from many strategic sectors (Defense, Banking, Telecom …)

Orange International Carriers has collected various awards in the recent past. Among them:

Do not wait, protect your information system from attacks through removable devices!