Vulnerability Intelligence

The context

80% of attacks originate from vulnerabilities and new vulnerabilities on hardware or software components are discovered every day and yield the information systems of companies and operators particularly vulnerable to software attacks. Facing growing cybercrime activities, security stakeholders are more and more overwhelmed by the flow of information from each of their suppliers.

The solution? A complete, permanent monitoring system adapted to the specificities of their information systems in order to autonomously maintain an optimal state of security.

The Vulnerability Intelligence offer of Orange International Carriers

Faced with this situation, Orange’s CERT (Computer Emergence Response Team) is mobilizing the first European private team to monitor and investigate cybercrime in order to provide the Vulnerability Intelligence service.

This team is made up of 50 full-time dedicated experts spread over our French sites as well as Montreal and Singapore.

The vulnerabilities database is updated in real-time and accessible 24h a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year through a web interface allowing the configuration, consultation and research of vulnerabilities by the customer in full autonomy.  In addition, various bulletins can be setup to be warned by email: real time alert, daily summary or weekly summary.

Fully customizable, this tailored service allows Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) to be at the heart of a particularly responsive monitoring system.

This French and English service currently informs more than 150 companies including many ministries and banking institutions.


Our Vulnerability Intelligence solution has the following assets which perfectly suit the needs of our customers:

  • A real-time tool for monitoring vulnerabilities and their remediation
  • A complete knowledge base, result of our 15 years of expertise, accessible via a unified search engine and easy to use
  • A number of monitored products in constant evolution
  • A fully high end customizable interface: use of widgets, bulk data modification, customizable homepage, drag’n drop effectiveness, dynamic calendar
  • Flexibility in the user and perimeter configuration to adapt to all subscriber specific requirements
  • The use of the CVSS standard for vulnerability scoring, integrating the 3 standard levels (basic, temporal, environmental) and the possibility of defining a personalized priority scale (from 0 to 10 intervals, choice of colors and labels)
  • The generation of monitoring reports configurable according to technical and functional needs
  • At a glance Information System Security (ISS) news thanks to the daily spotting focus in order to not miss any important information
  • Numerous innovations and a roadmap that continually adapts to the customer needs and the threat landscape

Orange International Carriers has collected various awards in the recent past. Among them:

Do not wait, be informed of potential threats that can jeopardise your information system!